Izaak Beck 17lb 8oz Zander

On a recent trip to the Tidal Trent with his dad, 15-year-old Izaak Beck was hoping for his first-ever zander, and it’s safe to say he smashed his target with this 17lb 8oz specimen.
After waking up at 3:30am, the pair were on the river by 7am, and it wasn’t long before there was interest in their legered roach deadbait. Izaak hit into it and hooked what he and his dad thought was a pike, as the fish held deep, but after steering it away from some near bank snags, they watched in awe as a huge zander rolled on the surface.

Izaak says landing the fish was a memorable moment and made the long journey well worthwhile. He’s looking forward to the next trip to the river, where he hopes to tangle with more specimens.

Well done Izaak!