Italian Trout On Float Tackle

mario-trout1Mario Tomatis has had a great float fishing session for trout at Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy.

“I have caught a series of rainbow and brown trout, plus perch, from the mouth of a creek on Lake Como,” he tells us. “The fishing action was held from 4am to 11am. The catch, as always, was released.”

mario-trout2“An 8g (5 Swan) Drennan Loafer was essential for the strong current and the bait used was one of my favourites; the moth waxworm! The hook was a spade end Carbon Feeder size 8. The size of hook may seem big, but the fish were very greedy!”

At 146 square kilometres, Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and one of the deepest in the whole of Europe.