Ian Potts 17lb 1oz Gunthorpe barbel

The same fish for Ian Potts at 16lb 13oz and then only two days later at 17lb 1oz!

Macclesfield based angler Ian Potts couldn’t believe his luck when he banked a new personal best barbel at 16lb 13oz, to only go and catch it again two days later at 17lb 1oz!

The 43-year-old free-lined a chunk of meat into the weir at Gunthorpe and struck when he received two taps on his fifth run through the swim.

He said: “All hell broke out and it was a good seven minutes before I managed to get her to the net. “When I lifted her I couldn’t believe it was the same barbel! “It shows just how quickly these big fish can put on weight in a short space of time.”