Hemingray In Winning Form

Steve Hemingray had a busy day winning the third round of the Hajac Winter League on the Fens with 12lb 3oz of roach. 

steve-hemingray-headshotThe Team England star found himself on the first peg at Factory Bank on the 66-peg event and with some extra colour in the water opted for a groundbait and pinkie attack. He alternated between two swims – a 4m whip and a 7m short-pole – feeding both with regular balls of groundbait and loose feeding hemp over the top.

He opted for a 0.75g float on the whip and an old 0.3g Drennan Canal for short lining, both on 0.10mm Double Strength line to a 0.08mm Supplex Fluorocarbon hooklength and size 20 Kamasan B511 hook.

“I didn’t count my fish but I had loads, probably getting on for 300,” he explained. “I had almost all roach with just a few tiny perch and ‘pommies’ amongst them and only netted one fish all day, which was a 4oz roach. Great fishing at this time of year!”