Go Dropshotting!

Now is the perfect time of year to dig out the predator gear and go dropshotting! To get the best out of this highly enjoyable method, have a look at our latest E-Sox Dropshot goodies!

E-Sox Dropshot Lure RangeFirstly, there is a a choice of 16 different Dropshot Lures. These super-soft lures are boosted with fish oil for extra attraction and are ideal for perch, zander, pike and other pred­ators. There are four main body styles; Lobworm, Paddle Tail, Curly Worm and Split Tail. Each has a different action in the water and each has proved highly effective during our extensive field testing.

e-sox-dropshot-bomb-weightsCombine a lure with our cleverly designed Dropshot Bomb Weights and you can impart so much tantalising movement when searching the swim. The unique shape casts well and allows the bomb to pivot while still holding the bottom well. Five sizes from 4g to 20g offer plenty of scope.

dropshot-fluorocarbonThe final but often overlooked part of the jigsaw has to be the leader material. Dropshot Fluorocarbon Leader is strong and abrasion resistant with just the right amount of suppleness for working a soft lure. As fluorocarbon has a similar refractive index to water it is almost invisible and therefore much harder for a keen-eyed predator to detect. It comes in four sizes from 6lb/2.7kg (0.24mm) to 12lb/5.5kg (0.31mm).

Give our latest E-Sox Dropshot range a try and let us know how you get on!