Give The Fish A Target

The fish are really starting to tuck into the feed at this time of year so an In-Line Method Feeder is a great way to catch them. 


As fish of all sizes are so active, however, you need to think very carefully about what hook bait you choose. Maggots, pellets and sweetcorn are all top Method Feeder hook baits but they are not very selective and prone to being taken by fish of all sizes. If carp, tench and other quality fish are your main target it makes sense to use a tougher boilie-type hook bait instead. This will withstand the attentions of small fish and allows time for the bigger specimens to find it.

Drennan Method Boilies and Bandit Dumbells are an excellent choice as they are tough and robust but still with just the right consistency for drilling, spiking or banding. They also come in four highly visual colours with equally attractive flavour combinations: white Scopex Syrup, orange Tutti Frutti, yellow Pineapple Punch and pink Crab & Krill. They work really well as a target hook bait that a fish can use all its senses to home in on. Hopefully it’s the big one you’ve been waiting for!