Ghost Kits Now Available

A selection of special Ghost Kits are now available to complement Acolyte, Acolyte Carp, Acolyte Margin Carp and Series 7 poles.


The special light grey coloured paint finish was first seen on the 2.33m Ghost Margin Kits sold with the Acolyte Margin Carp pole. Now we have added the same optional ‘Ghost’ finish to our standard Carp Plus tip sections. These are designed for the 2.89m Carp Kits and Double 2 Carp Kits that come as standard with the Acolyte, Acolyte Carp and Series 7 poles.

Light grey top sections are an increasingly popular sight on commercial fisheries up and down the country. The concept was perhaps pioneered many years ago by the legendary Denis White, who famously painted his top kits to match the colour of a heron’s belly. A number of top anglers now advocate the use of light-coloured top kits, particularly when shallow fishing.

Drennan-Ghost-Kit-In-ActionPole anglers are always looking for an edge. Although not invisible, a light-grey finish reflects more light than black carbon, which can therefore help to reduce its silhouette. Fish can often spook and back off from pole tips waving over their heads, so this is one small way of trying to reduce that happening so often.

Usefully, Ghost Kits do not cost any extra than the equivalent top kit without the special paint finish. You can purchase them separately or tailor any Drennan pole package to your own requirements by choosing the top kits that best suit the fishing you do.

acolyte-margin-ghost-kit-1There are five different Ghost Kit top-2s currently available:

• Ghost Margin Kit (2.33m)
• Drennan Ghost Carp Kit (2.89m)
• Drennan Ghost Double 2 Carp Kit (2.89m)
• Acolyte Ghost Carp Kit (2.89m)
• Acolyte Ghost Double 2 Carp Kit (2.89m)

Visit our Top Kits page for more information.