Gerrard O’Sullivan 7lb 8oz Chub

Gerrard O’Sullivan well and truly smashed his personal best with this 7lb 8oz chub!

He told us “I had been targeting the River Lee in search of a decent barbel or chub and it couldn’t have gone any better. On only my second session I set up in a swim which I had prebaited 2 nights previous with a couple of handfuls of 20mm pellet and a few chunks of peperami. I decided to go with some fairly simple tactics and set up a running rig with a 3oz gripper lead to hold bottom. On the business end I fished a 20mm pellet with a pva bag filled with 10mm pellet on one rod and on the other I opted for generous chunk of peperami with a bag of smaller cuts of the same.

I cast the pellet rod onto the prebaited area and the peperami rod a couple of rod lengths upstream and instantly received a couple of small taps. I sat patiently for a further 10 minutes before the tip signalled a rattle before it went round and I was in. After a crazy battle this old brute of a chub popped its head up and soon graced my net leaving me in total shock as I’d only landed chub to around the 2lb mark previously. I could tell this was a special one what some might say “fish of a lifetime” so I left it for 20 minutes to rest in the net as I awaited my friend Dan to do some catch shots. At 7lb 8oz I have smashed my pb and am now mega keen to get back out on the river hunt for a big barbel.”