Gavin Barrett 7lb 12oz Chub

A few minutes in the right place is better than a whole day in the wrong..

The proof is in the pudding for Gavin Barrett who landed himself this stunning 7lb 12oz chub after only 10 minutes of his bait being in the water.

Gavin told us “I arrived at the river just after lunch and it was in perfect condition. It had a slight tinge of colour and was warming up considerably following the long cold spell. I lowered a lump of paste onto a crease just off the tip where I was able to fish a slack line. After 10 minutes, the tip suddenly whipped tight and I stuck into a fish which was already trying to get under my own bank.

Fortunately it stayed in the calm water and after netting it, I was greeted by the most pristine chub I’ve witnessed. If it hadn’t been for travelling restrictions, I’d probably have been fishing for roach. But catching this has certainly made my season!”