Gavin Barrett, 5lb 2oz & 6lb 2oz Eel

“A 30 minute spell resulted in two monster eels

A mad 30 minute spell resulted in two monster eels for Gavin Barrett, who landed the fish when a low-pressure front rolled in just after dark.
Targeting the base of a vertical marginal slope, where the water drops from five to thirteen feet, the Salisbury-based angler landed both fish on hair rigged sections of lobworm.
Gavin told us “After dropping the rods in at 8:30pm, I had a twitchy take just over an hour later, and after a tug of war, I landed the first fish at 5lb 2oz. I quickly got the rod back out, and shortly after I received another delicate bite. This time, I netted an even bigger eel, weighing 6lb 2oz. Fishing close in, in such deep water, it’s like playing fish from a boat! But they’re amazing creatures, old as the hills.”