Gary Newman’s Zander Trip To Old Bury Hill Lake

All rounder Gary Newman sent us this photo of a beautiful estate lake Zander taken from his Anglers Mail Angling Adventures article two weeks ago.

Gary visited Old Bury Hill Fisheries in Dorking, Surrey to fish the picturesque lake for the resident Zander, and caught a number of fish, topped by this 9lb 7oz fish. Gary used a pair of Drennan Martin Bowler Specialist Barbel 12ft 1.75lb rods teamed with Shimano 6000 Baitrunners and 10lb mono. At the rig end he used low resistance run rigs through to a sprat head section mounted on a size 6 ESP T6 raptor hook.

Bury Hill lake is available to fish on a day ticket – purchased first at the well-stocked on-site tackle shop Bury Hill Tackle & Bait.

For full details on the Drennan Martin Bowler Specialist Barbel rods as used here by Gary, click here.