Gary Newman’s Anglers Mail Adventures with Carl & Alex‏

Carl and Alex bag shot copy

Carl and Alex Smith from Sussex with a tremendous bag of fish taken from Gary Newman’s brilliant Angling Adventures article in this week’s Anglers Mail.

The 4-page article describes the lads recent visit to the Upper Lea, where some fantastic fish are caught including Roach, Chub, Barbel, Dace and Rudd – a great read.  On the narrow, shallow waterway Gary picked out a 10ft F1 Carp Wagger for trotting, and employed an 8ft E-Sox Spinflex rod as a mini-Barbel rod!

Pick up the issue of Anglers Mail from your local newsagent to read the article in full.

For full details on the 22” Specialist Net as filled here by Carl and Alex, click here