Fun Sport On E-Sox Dropshot Gear

Kurtis Kauble from Oxford has been enjoying some canal sport using E-Sox Dropshot tackle, as this trio of different species shows.


“I’ve been catching local using your E-Sox Dropshot gear and it’s brought me so much confidence knowing I can pop out for an hour and guarantee myself a few good fish,” he explained. “Last week I had a chub 3lb, a jack pike 4lb, a zander 4lb 6oz and a perch 12oz. Two days later I had a chub 4lb and a zander 5lb 2oz.”

The E-Sox Dropshot series has almost everything you could need for a day’s lure fishing, including rods, line, hooks and, of course, some excellent lures with a proven track record. Learn more about the E-Sox Dropshot range.