Four 20s On E-Sox Tackle

Sussex all-rounder Lee Chatfield has experienced some great pike sport on a southern syndicate lake.


Lee’s pike season has definitely off to a flying start, after managing to land not just one brace of 20lb pike, but two, in as many weeks from the 18-acre venue.

e-sox-crimp-sleeves-blood-redHis first short weekend session resulted in two impressive specimens which went 24lb 4oz (pictured above) and 20lb 8oz and were taken on float-legered deadbaits fished at 45 yards in a 9ft deep gully. The following weekend, Lee returned to land another brace of pike going 21lb 2oz and 21lb 3oz, making it yet another weekend to remember!

The successful tactics consisted of a simple low-resistance float-leger setup with a trace made up of E-Sox Super Trace Pike Wire with size 6 E-Sox Extra Strong Semi-barbed Trebles to which E-Sox Crimp Sleeves were added to create a stream­lined and neat setup.

The tapered Crimp Sleeves come in a choice of trans­lu­cent Camo Brown for a dis­crete setup or a more dis­tinctive Blood Red to create extra visual attraction.