Rolfs Lake


Rolfs Lake is a very special 40-peg venue tucked away in the Oxfordshire countryside and has built up an enviable reputation for quality carp and silverfish sport.

It is perhaps most famous for its huge head of hard-fighting carp. These fish average 8lb to 12lb, but there are plenty of even bigger specimens possible. Most of these impressive fish are long, lean, vividly coloured and extremely hard fighting!

There is also a healthy stock of roach, bream, perch, chub and silverfish. Despite the venue's modest size, huge match weights from 100lb to 200lb are very common at this unique and very friendly fishery.

All of the platforms are well maintained and the fish are in excellent condition.

Species: Carp, tench, chub, bream, roach, perch and gudgeon

Extra Information:

  • Rolfs Lake is predominantly a match-only water and open to club bookings. However, any kind of booking for the venue is welcomed
  • Pleasure fishing is not permitted without prior arrangement.
  • Anglers are now required to bring landing net heads and they can use their own keepnets if they wish.

Ticket Prices: Please consult the fishery

Rules: Please consult the fishery

PLEASE NOTE: The above information is subject to change. Please contact the fishery for the most up to date prices, opening times, rules and other information.


Contact Details:


Rolfs Lake Fishery
Waterperry Road
OX33 1PW 

Telephone: 07774 618 688