Feederbomb For Bream

A tactical switch to a maggot feeder lead to a successful evening’s sport for Martin Harwood.


The Drennan employee visited his local Grimsbury Reservoir in Banbury, Oxfordshire, specifically to flex his new Acolyte Ultra 12ft Feeder rod. He wasn’t too optimistic of his chances of catching, however, as his friend had already been fishing for several hours without so much as bite before he arrived on the bank. With this in mind, Martin decided to try a slightly different approach. So, rather than a traditional open-end or pellet feeder setup, he opted for a block-end feeder instead.

A 35g Drennan Feederbomb was chosen with an 18in hooklength of 0.14mm Supplex to a size 16 Carbon Match hook. Filling the feeder with red maggots and casting around 40 metres out into the reservoir it took just two casts to bring his first bream. In fact, it took his triple red maggot hook bait on the drop! Four more decent fish followed, proving the merits of thinking outside the box.