Feeder & Method Mono – Now in 4lb!

Due to popular demand, Drennan Feeder & Method Mono is now available in a lighter 4lb (1.8kg) breaking strain.


Feeder & Method Mono has quickly established itself as an excellent reel line for all styles of angling. It is ideal for all styles of feeder fishing, from traditional open-end and block-end work to more modern pellet and Method feeder tactics.

Many anglers have also discovered this pale brown line makes a great choice for demanding float fishing situations, such as chub and tench fishing in snaggy swims or pellet waggler fishing for carp.

It is an extra tough and durable, long-life material with a slick surface finish to aid distance casting. Importantly, it is also supple, sinks well and is highly abrasion resistant – all the properties you should expect from a top quality mono.

The latest 4lb (0.18mm) size will immediately find favour with anglers who need a little bit more finesse, such as when bream and skimmer fishing or targeting small carp and F1s on winter commercials. The thinner diameter will also aid casting distance with light feeders and help to reduce drag on the line caused by the flow or undertow.

Feeder & Method Mono is available in six sizes from 4lb (0.18mm) right up to 12lb (0.30mm) and a choice of 100m and 250m spools.