Father And Son’s Dream Bream Session

Kevin Clark and his son Gethin have just had an amazing session, catching an estimated 350lb of bream!

Kevin and Gethin with two bream from their huge catch.
Kevin and Gethin with two of the bream from their huge catch.

The father-and-son team were fishing an undisclosed reservoir in South Wales after successfully pre-baiting a swim the night before. A very proud dad explained:

“We had 350lb of bream using Drennan Cage Feeders, Super Specialist size 14s and Micro Braid as hook link material! All fish were taken on one rod.

“We prebaited with half a sack of brown crumb and sweetcorn, then used the same mix but with a load of molasses included for the feeder. The molasses helped to draw the fish straight to our hook baits. We used cocktail baits of sweetcorn and lobworm or lobworm and maggot.

“In all fairness to my son, he did me proud!”