Fantastic fishing on the New Junction and Air and Calder Canal

In the build up to the Division 1 Team National many teams have been practising on the New Junction and the Air and Calder Canal in Yorkshire with some promising results 

Alan Scotthorne with a net of canal Chub caught from the New Junction Canal

Alan’s report from the weekend

My Drennan Barnsley Blacks team got in some much-needed practice for the forth coming Angling Trust first Division National on the Aire and Calder and New Junction Canal at the weekend. To say the fishing was good is selling it short, it was tremendous. 100Lb won the match on the Aire and Calder and I won the open on the new junction with 21lb of Chub. There were also some great backup small fish weights. Lee Kerry won his section on both days with double figures of Roach, in my book this is hard to beat with fishing at its best.

The team that wins will need to be good all-round anglers with all methods needed to crack this one. Short pole with Squats or pinkies will get good points in some sections in others Bream and Skimmers may make up the leading weights and a squat approach will not get good points. The feeder will also play a roll on both venues with lots of Bream showing on the Aire and Calder. I would not be surprised to see a twenty pound plus catch of Roach on this venue too. I caught chub at the weekend, these are few and far between and a little local knowledge will help in that department. As always with nationals I hope the weather stays good with little wind on the day and a nice overcast warm day and this will be a right cracker of a match!

A truly unforgettable day for Brett Cooper from Drennan Bordon with 100lb 4oz of Bream and Skimmers from the Air and Calder Canal