Fantastic Barbel Sport In Spain

Lee Swords has been enjoying the river fishing in Spain and catching some unusual barbel varieties. Here’s his insight into some of the fantastic barbel he’s been catching.

I recently spent a week in Spain where I landed 63 barbel, all on Super Specialists. I have been on these hooks for years and I will be on them for years to come!

There are about seven species of barbel in Spain, but the rivers I fish don’t hold them all. The Guardiana and Aragon rivers have comizo, gypsy/andalucian, small head and common/bocagei barbel.

The fishing is awesome. It is like 1985 River Trent fishing with a gallon of maggots and a big feeder! Drennan flat Oval Blockend Feeders also work a treat in the 2oz and 3oz range. There are areas where these fish have never seen a boilie or a pellet. It’s all maggot and there’s nothing fancy needed, just a bit of watercraft.

The common or bocagei barbel has the most unstoppable first run of any freshwater fish I have ever encountered. It’s absolutely blistering, they may look a little dainty compared to comizo, but they will test your hooks and line like nothing else!