Eric Robinson 37lb Pike

Stockton-on-Tees angler Eric Robinson is generally a pleasure angler who this season, set himself a target of landing a 30lb + pike and its safe to say, he has smashed that mark with this stunning 37lb specimen.

On a trip for a few hours after his dinner, he found the venue empty of anglers and fished two rods with legered Joey mackerel. After 15 minutes, his left-hand rod was away, and he hit into what was clearly a good fish.

He told us “It darted off to the right, then powered back the other way. I hadn’t seen it, but when it suddenly emerged, I realised it was a big fish. A really big fish.” The power of the pike amazed Eric, and when he finally got the net under it, he dared to believe it hit his target. “The scales whizzed past the 30lb mark and settled spot on 37lb! Everything had come together, and I’m so grateful that this happened in my angling life.” He added.

Well done Eric!