England Win Veterans World Championship

England have won team and individual gold in the Veterans World Championship with the home nation, Portugal, taking team and individual honours in the Disabled World Championship on the River Raia at Cabeção.


Veterans World Championship Result:

1st England 24 points
2nd Hungary 26
3rd Italy 31
4th Portugal 35
5th Germany 37

1st Mark Downes (England) 2 points
2nd Janos Czako (Hungary) 3
3rd Joao Raimundo (Portugal) 3

Disabled World Championship Result:

1st Portugal 24 points
2nd Croatia 24
3rd Italy 25.5
4th France 29.5
5th England 36

1st Joao Rodrigues (Portugal) 2 points
2nd Oscar Ferrari (Italy) 4
3rd Bill Galt (England) 4