England Vets & Disabled Squads Announced

The England teams taking part in this year’s Disabled and Veterans World Championships have now been announced by the Angling Trust.


Both the Veterans World Championship and the Disabled World Championship are to be held in the Czech Republic on Pardubice’s River Labe on the 3rd and 4th June 2016.

joe-roberts-skimmerJoe Roberts (pictured) takes over from Dick Clegg as England Manager for the Vets this year and has chosen the same successful team that won double gold in Portugal in 2015. Southwest match ace Harry Billing takes Joe’s place as the fifth squad member.

Joe Roberts stated: “I’m delighted to act as the Manager of the team and am very confident that we will do well. I have been to the venue on four separate occasions and we have had quite a bit of success on the Labe River in the past.”

England Disabled Manager John Weeden is also excited about this year’s venue. Roy Wells has been selected to join the team along with previous team member Mark Russell. These replace Mick Cove and Gary Bull, with Mark Eves, Alan Chadbone and Bill Galt completing the squad.

England Veterans Team:

  • Steve Sanders
  • Mark Downes
  • Danny Sixsmith
  • Roger Marlow
  • Harry Billing
  • Joe Roberts (Manager)

England Disabled Team:

  • Mark Eves
  • Alan Chadbone
  • Bill Galt
  • Roy Wells
  • Mark Russell
  • John Weeden (Manager)