Ellie Evans 4lb 11oz Perch

On a cold, crisp and still day, Ellie Evans landed this 4lb 11oz perch from the big perch and in-form Grafham Water, making the most of the last few days before their lure season closed.
After chipping the ice from her rods, she managed to land several perch, five weighing over the four-pound mark, with her new PB topping the lot. The winning tactic was slowly bumping a small soft plastic lure across the bottom, with the big ‘four’ nailing it on the pause. Ellie says it gave a fantastic fight and having already caught two 4lb 7oz fish that morning, she knew it was likely to beat her PB when it hit the net. It measured 48cm and was built ‘like a little barrel’.

Well done Ellie!