Ed Matthews 33lb 8oz pike

“The head shakes certainly weren’t from a small fish!”

“After trying to get on the river zander fishing and continually getting flooded off or having to work when it was fishable, I changed focus over to pike. It’s a decision I’m now very happy with! I arrived at the lake first thing in the morning and had a quick cast about with a lead to see what was in front of me as this was a swim id not previously fished. Three different dead baits were then cast out at staggered ranges to try and find the fish, and to also see what their bait preference was. A few high singles and low doubles later proved that they were taking a liking to smelts. Late in the morning my pike drop-off fell again. Initially I blamed the wind but on inspection I could see the line slowly creeping out. I wound down and struck hard as this was my distance rod, and I immediately felt solid resistance and a strong plod. The head shakes certainly weren’t from a small fish! The fight was heavy and steady and I walked up the bank whilst my mate slipped the net under her. On the scales she went 33lb 8oz and I have to say she was one of the most impressive fish I’ve played, hands down. I was using Korum 12ft snapper pike rods which are capable of casting the largest of pike baits with ease. My smelt were from Bait Box”