Drip Feed Hemp For Early Season Roach

Although roach have been scarce on most rivers so far this season, Steve Hemingray has had some success on the Calder, Warwickshire Avon and the Soar – and it has all been down to drip feeding hemp.

Instead of drawing shallow oxygenated pegs I’ve been in deep sections where I’ve really had to struggle to put together weights of small fish.

An Evesham Festival qualifier was a prime example. I won my ten peg section with 4 lb – more than twice the weight of my nearest section rival – by catapulting a few grains of hemp over my long pole line every put in.

Even if you don’t catch with hemp on the hook, I’m convinced the audible and visual attraction as it falls through the water keeps fish of many species searching around your peg for food. Try it!