Drennan’s Stewart Moss Quest for 7lb Thames Chub

Drennan’s Stewart Moss has been fishing hard in the evenings after work since the turn of the year, generally twice a week, with the hope of catching a 7lb Thames Chub.  With conditions mild and very favourable over the past week or so, and with Chub generally being at their best weight – the last week of the season is THE time for a monster Chub.  In fact, we’ve got a number of handsome big Chub from various rivers to bring you over the course of the next week or so.

This excellent photo against the reeds was taken on self-timer, the 6lb 3oz example coming on the first cast of the evening at 6.30pm and fell to Stew’s usual CC Moore’s Meteor Boilie wrapped in matching paste, fished on a Super Specialist Barbel hook.    This excellent hook makes a superb pattern for monster Chub – and is what Drennan Cup holder Neill Stephen employed to land his 9lb plus monster from the Lea.

For further details on the Drennan Super Specialist Barbel hook, click here.