Drennan’s Richard Norris bags 100lb of Chub

Drennan Director and Sensas A4 Matchman Richard Norris took a 100lb pleasure bag of Chub (with a few Bream) on the Thames in Oxfordshire recently and we’ve posted a few action photos.  This final shot shows a few of the excellent stamp of Chub Rich caught, all on Waggler and Maggot.

Richard fished a Drennan IM9 Finesse 13ft Float rod teamed up with one of the new FD 3000 reels, loaded with 3lb (0.14mm) Supplex line.  With its excellent, responsive clutch Rich had no problems landing a succession of big Chub, despite the presence of reeds and a snaggy area in the swim.  He selected a 3g Loaded Crystal Waggler, which enabled him to cast out to the range the Chub were at, and shotted it right down with 4 x no 8 locking the float and a further 4 x no 8 down the line to get the bait down.

Rich has been using a Drennan Fluorocarbon hooklength to great effect recently – on this occasion 0.14mm 2.7lb.  He tied this to a size 18 Wide Gape Spade End hook – a very small, sharp but strong hook, loaded with double bronze maggot.  Rich hooked one maggot ‘up’ and one ‘down’ – a trick which can help prevent the line spinning up when constantly casting and retrieving float tackle over the course of a day’s fishing.


For further details on the Drennan Fluorocarbon hooklength material click here.