Drennan’s Ian Brooker Continues Form

Drennan’s Ian Brooker spent an after work session on the River Thames for Chub for last week. Using his usual approach of Series 7 Avon/Quivers, FD 4000 Reels & 8lb Supplex line. It took a little over two hours to get his first bite which turned out to be this pristine Chub of 6lb7oz. “In this stretch you really need to try and make as little disturbance as possible. I wanted to keep the baits out for as long as they I could, only looking to recast after a bite or if the rig starts to move in the flow.”

This fish picked up an Oxford Carp Baits Orange Cream boilie presented on a 2ft 6lb Fluorocarbon Flyleader hook length incorporating a braided hair with a PVA bag of freebies, cast just a couple of rod lengths out towards a large overhanging tree.

For more information on the Fluorocarbon Flyleader click here.