Drennan New Products: Spring 2014

Here’s a preview of our new products for Spring 2014 – look out for more details and videos on the website coming very soon!

Acolyte Plus Rods

Stepped-up versions of the existing 13ft and 14ft Acolyte and designed to Alan Scotthorne’s exacting requirements. Both still feature super-slim blanks but pack extra strength to punch out larger floats and control quality fish like carp, tench and chub easier.

They are perfectly matched with reel lines from 4lb to 6lb+ and hooklengths from 3lb (0.13mm) to 5lb (0.16mm). A forgiving tip section combined with a progressive middle helps to absorb every lunge while keeping hook pulls to an absolute minimum. Weighing on average, just 150g and 156g respectively, these rods are a joy to fish with all day!

Dacron Connectors

These lightweight Dacron Connectors feature a braided material that is coated to ensure it is kind to both your line and the elastic. The material is also designed to be stiff enough to help push the main line away from the pole tip, which vastly reduces the chance of wrap-over tangles.

The highly visible beads are available in four sizes and colour-coded to match Drennan Bungee elastic. You get four in a pack, each mounted on a handy tube so you can slide them easily onto your elastic.

XL Pellet Wagglers

Ideal for fishing the pellet waggler at distance and particularly effective for combating both wind and surface skim on open-water venues. These robust, clear-bodied wagglers have flighted tips to aid casting accuracy and come with removable discs, which help to make a fish-attracting noise and reduce the depth they dive on impact. Four sizes from 8g up to 14g.

Aqua Pellet Boxes & Grey Baitwaiter

These 2.2pt and 3.3pt bait tubs are available in Drennan’s fetching aqua colour and come with a solid ‘bait seal’ lid that’s ideal for storing pellets and other particle baits. A Baitwaiter in Drennan’s grey livery is also available, which will accommodate 2.2pt and 3.3pt Aqua Pellet Boxes and original Drennan Maggiboxes.

AS Pole Rigs

These readymade pole rigs have been more than a year in development and individually hand tied in our own factories, so the quality is second to none!  They have been constructed to Alan Scotthorne’s precise specifications, right down to the shotting patterns. Each rig comes on a specially printed pole winder and is tied using Supplex line in appropriate diameters. They are completed with a 15cm (6in) hooklength and corresponding Drennan hook.

Four styles are available incorporating the latest AS pole floats: AS1 (F1 & Carp), AS2 (Big Carp), AS3 (Silverfish & F1) and AS4 (Margin Carp).

Each rig is 3.5 metres long apart from the Margin Carp, which is 2.5 metres. These lengths are perfect for the vast majority of commercial fisheries and can be easily trimmed down if necessary for shallower venues.

Series 7 BR Reels

The Specimen BR 9-40 and smaller Carp Method BR 9-30 are an excellent choice for anglers wanting all the advantages of a freespool facility but on a smaller reel body.

The freespool system allows line to be taken by a fish until you engage the rear lever. This is widely used by specimen anglers targeting large carp and barbel but has also become increasingly popular for general coarse fishing applications. There is also a growing trend for freespool-type reels when targeting match-sized carp on commercial fisheries – particularly with bomb and Method feeder tactics.

Each model comes with an alloy spool as standard plus a shallower composite spool and a useful set of line identification buttons.

New Drennan Match Clothing

The standard Hoody is now joined by a Full Zip option, along with matching Joggers in Drennan’s latest colours. Each garment is available in six sizes from small to XXXL. Completing the outfit is a knitted Beanie hat with Drennan embroidered logo.