Drennan Heavy Oval Blockend Feeders for Tench!

Drennan 2.5oz Large Heavy Oval Blockend Feeder stuffed with flavoured red & bronze maggots for Tench! Spot the hookbait and also the passing Tadpole!


The feeder is being fished on one of our Weedy Green Helicopter Leadcore Leaders, with artificial Bloodworm Red buoyant maggots critically balanced as bait on a size 14 Super Specialist Barbel hook to an ESP Ghost fluorocarbon hooklink, in the right foreground.

This is a very good presentation where fishing over ‘dirty’ lake beds – for example as often found in weedy gravel pits – as the helicopter style hooklink tends to settle gently over weed and debris without becoming entangled.

For full details on our Oval Blockend Feeders, click here.