Drennan Coors Trent Masters Rd 4 Results 28/07/19

Challenging conditions but a fantastic turnout on the latest Trent Masters match

A net of chublets for Anthony White caught on the whip 

The river at Burton was carrying a foot of extra water and still rising after torrential rain over the previous 24 hours and it was still lashing down during the match. It is a credit to the anglers that 54 turned out, despite the conditions the match fished really well with many double figured nets being caught. The pipe bridge on Bailey’s produced the winner but not with the usual big chub. Nottingham’s Anthony White decided to fish the steadier water on his side of the river. Fishing a 6m whip to hand in 4 feet of water feeding the odd ball of groundbait and loose feeding casters and hemp over the top. Anthony caught steadily through the match with a mixed catch of chublets, roach and dace for 16lb 13oz. Runner up Drennan’s Steve Winter drew on the Municipal length peg 18 and fished 10m with bronze maggots for mostly roach and the odd chublet for 15lb 12 oz. Ever consistent Nigel Bull was third from peg 3 on Bailey’s fishing 11m of pole by loose feeding bronze maggots over groundbait for mainly roach for 15lb 6oz.

1st A White Matchman Supplies 16.13.0
2nd S Winter Drennan 15.12.0
3rd N Bull Starlets 15.6.0
4th S Raynor Gerrys 14.3.0
5th P Harrison 14.1.0

A.N West 7.12.0
B.I Ward 6.7.0
C.J Urrity 12.14.0
D.M Hawksworth 12.13.0
E.R Smith 11.14.0
F.P Hamilton 13.12.0
G.J Harper 7.6.0
H.R Casterton 9.13.0
I.C Buckingham 9.8.0
J.T Cahill 9.4.0

Qualifiers: S Winter, A White, N West, J Urrity, R Casterton

Steve White with a net of Trent roach caught on the 10m pole fishing over groundbait with maggot on the hook