Drennan Coors Trent Masters Rd 3 Results 21/07/19

Red fins in abundance on the latest round of the Trent Masters

Wayne Truman with a net of river Trent Roach 

The Municipal length of Coors waters is certainly the place to draw at the moment, the shallow pacy water is producing nets of quality roach on a variety of methods. Four of the top five featured here in the latest round with some fantastic nets of red fins being produced. Drennan Leicester angler Wayne Truman on peg 18 fished the 14 metre pole initially catching over groundbait and a maggot hook bait and then later switching to hemp and tares. Wayne used a 0.2 gram strung out rig in 3 foot of water for a level 24lb of stamp roach for a narrow win. A few pegs downstream Shakespeares Rob Quinn fished 11 metres of pole with bronze maggots for another all Roach catch totalling 23lb 12oz. Third off the pipe bridge was John Moroz fishing waggler and bronze maggots for 3 good Chub and plenty of Dace for 17lb 4oz.

1 W Truman Drennan Leicester 24.0.0
2 R Quinn Shakespeare 23.12.0
3 J Moroz Coors 17.4.0
4 J Marcel Long Eaton 14.4.0
5 C Gooch Drennan Leicester 10.12.0

A. R Whiston 5.0.0
B. F Prudam 9.6.0
C. N West. 9.0.0
D. K Rutted 6.11.0
E. P Salt 9.14.0
F. D Kinson 4.11.0
G. R Reynolds 6.10.0
H. T Marshall 10.2.0
I. S Raynor 7.4.0
J. D Armstrong 10.8.0
K. M Hawkesworth 7.2.0
L. I Shaw 10.4.0

W Truman, P Salt, T Marshall, D Lewis, F Prudam, J Moroz

Rob Quinns 23lb 12oz net of Roach caught on bronze maggot