Drennan Coors Trent Masters Rd 1 Results 23/06/19

The upper Trent always starts off slow no matter what the conditions, the river was carrying 8 inches of extra water and looked good with a tinge of colour but the fish failed to show in any numbers. Leading the way with a comfortable win was Leicester veteran Graham Barry drawn on the municipal length peg 22. He fished mostly stickfloat and bronze maggots for a mixture of chublets, roach and perch including one 2lb plus for 10lb 12oz. Runner up Richie Reynolds also on municipal at peg 1 caught on long pole and stickfloat again with maggots for 7lb 12oz. 3rd on Bailey’s peg 9 was consistent Robbie Quinn again a mixture of roach and perch for 7lb 9oz.

1st G Barry Leicester 10.12.0
2nd R Reynolds Daiwa Dorking 7.12.0
3rd R Quinn Shakespeare 7.9.0
4th M Fofeshew Coots 7.4.0
5th N Bull Starlets 7.1.0

(A) S winter 5.1.0
(B) W Truman 3.12.0
(C) F Prudhoe 3.4.0
(D) W Swinscoe 4.15.0
(E) M Hawksworth 5.8.0
(F) T Moroz 6.4.0
(G) J Taylor 5.8.0
(H) S Merry 5.5.0
(I) S Heaton, A Fox 2.15.0
(J) M Parker 3.14.0
(K) D Perch 4.12.0

R Quinn, N Bull, W Swinscoe, G Barry, S Merry