Davies In Great Silverfish Form

Darren Davies has experienced a great start to the year with some excellent silverfish catches. 

Darren’s 26lb winning catch from Meadowlands (left) and the 46lb runner-up catch from Frant Lakes.

The former England international’s latest match win was last Saturday at Meadowlands Fishery near Coventry. Drawn on Peg 6 on Warren Pool he caught a 26lb 6oz bag of roach and skimmers; half at 10 metres on casters and the rest at 14 metres with red maggot over fishmeal groundbait.

as3-pole-floatFor the shorter caster swim he relied on the ever-faithful AS3 pole float in a 0.3g size to tackle the 5ft swim. It was a similar depth on the long-pole, but this swim was tackled with one of our latest Carp 1 designs, again in 0.3g. This float is built to the same exacting specifications as the AS3 but features a thicker 1.5mm hollow bristle for greater visibility and buoyancy when fishing overdepth.


The previous weekend, Darren was 2nd at Frant Lakes with 46lb 10oz. This consisted of big roach and perch on casters fed by hand at six metres plus some quality skimmers over fishmeal groundbait at 16 metres.

With greater depths up to 12ft to contend with, he relied on much larger G-Tip 3 floats in 1g and 2g sizes. This float pattern also has a durable carbon stem to help reduce tangles plus a long, hollow bristle that shows up bites particularly well in deeper swims.