David Weller 3lb 2oz Roach

After waiting for a big low-pressure front to blow in, Brentwood angler David Weller ventured to a local stillwater in search of some big roach and wasn’t left disappointed!

It’s a venue that David had good success on last winter, landing a 3lb 1oz fish, but this year he took things to another level, landing this 3lb 2oz roach plus a 3lb 6oz 8dr fish in the same session. Unfortunately, David’s only picture of the 3lb 6oz was what he admits to being a ‘dodgy selfie’, but thankfully he had someone on hand to snap the smaller fish. Fishing maggot feeders, David used mag-aligner hookbaits on size 14 hooks. Fishing at range, he says that when you hook one of these big roach it feels a bit like a tench, however they reveal their identity with tell-tale headshakes close in.

Well done David!