David Ramskill, 18lb Trent Barbel

“Truly the fish of a lifetime and one I’ll never forget”

Faced with a 24-hour session on a very low and clear River Trent, David Ramskill picked a deep, pacey, and snaggy swim just downstream from a weir. His swim choice paid off handsomely with two quick barbel of 10lb 3oz and 8lb, before something far bigger picked up his 12mm Rollin Baits boilie.

He told us “I was sat just watching the tip when it pulled round so fiercely, it nearly pulled the rod off the rest! Quite often it felt like I’d hooked the bottom as it was just solid and wouldn’t move. I maintained the pressure and eventually it moved powerfully upstream, violently shaking its head.”

Playing the fish back from 35-yards past where he hooked it, David eventually landed his new personal best barbel of 18lb. “Truly the fish of a lifetime and one I’ll never forget,” he said. The 51-year-old tackled the snaggy swim with a 4oz running lead on 14lb line tied to a 6ft 15lb fluorocarbon hooklink and a size 8 hook.