David Brice 4lb 3oz Crucian

The old saying that crucians are a summer fish is quickly being proven wrong by a string of anglers that continue targeting them well after the leaves have turned. Coventry angler David Brice is the latest to enjoy some cold weather action, landing this 4lb 3oz fish from a Surrey stillwater.
Finding the lake flat calm but knowing the wind would pick up, he positioned himself in a swim that’d put him right on the end of it. Rather than follow the crowd and spomb out a load of feed, he relied solely on his feeders to create a small, baited area. On one rod he fished a method, the other a small cage, and his hookbaits were corn and fake caster. After a long wait and regular casting, the wind arrived and as light levels dropped, he was into a run of fish. First, he managed a 3lb 6oz fish on the caster, followed by the 4lb 3oz PB that he landed at dusk.Well done David!