David Blake 1943 – 2018

Celebrating the happy, busy life of our friend and colleague David Blake, who passed away peacefully at home on Sunday 14th January 2018.

World Championships, Willebroek, Belgium, 2004.  From left to right: David Blake, area sales managers Andrew Bartle & Ian Watkins, Peter Drennan and England regular Stu Conroy.

Dave joined Drennan in 1980 and over the years has worked as despatch manager together with Frances Drennan and Gary Barclay amongst many others.  With enormous energy and boundless good humour, Dave was universally liked.  Still actively involved in the company in January 2018, Dave was taking more holidays and talking about retiring one day!

Our sincere condolences to Julie, Grant and Frankie, also to Mark, Paul and all of Dave’s family and friends.  We wish he’d had more time and will miss him greatly.