Dave Robinson 5lb 4oz warrior and 5lb 1oz brace of Perch

Many anglers dream of landing a big perch, with some anglers lucky enough to break the magical 5lb mark but nothing could prepare Dave Robinson on a recent session..

.. as he banked a stunning 5lb 4oz warrior, backed up with another of 5lb 1oz!

Dave told us “They say timing is everything, especially when it comes to predators but even more so with perch. These perch live in a fifty-acre gravel pit and I’ve known about the lakes potential for several years. I knew I had to time it right, not just for having a chance at some big perch, but I also didn’t want there to be no perch. It was going to be pot luck whether it was a good year for them or not. Although effort is usually enough, I needed some luck with these two.

I went through all the emotions to say the least. “Am I too early? Am I too late? Are they still around?” That’s something I think about a lot with every species. In just one season it can go from everything to nothing. Hours and miles of walking with the bright headtorch locating them was the difficult part. The fishing itself was quite straight forward once I’d found them. On the rare occasions I’d find them sitting in ambush on the gravely marginal slope, a simple freelined lobworm fluttered down in the gin clear water was enough. As long as the worm was positioned inch perfect, it would take seconds for the perch to engulf my hookbait.

Two lobworms masking a size four wide gape was the method. It’s not very romantic I know, but is highly effective. Fishing like this wasn’t only very exciting, but is very selective too. Some nights I would walk fifteen odd miles and not make a single cast. On the night of this brace, I made just two casts. My mind was well and truly blown with a brace of 5s. I always knew there was a small chance, but never really believed it deep down. The trick was to lap as many times as I possibly could and eventually, I’d find them. I was certainly rewarded for the efforts this time! If only it always that straight forward.”

Well done Dave!