Daniel’s Big Mirror on 2lb 8oz Hook-to-Nylon!

Coventry’s Daniel Everitt did brilliantly to land this old-looking Mirror of near 20lb on a size 18 barbless to 2lb 8oz Silverfish Pellet hook to nylon!

I got a bit of shock the other night whilst targeting Crucian Carp on a midland reservoir. Using a No1 Glow Tip Antenna Float in conjunction with 3.2lb Float Fish line, I hooked what I first thought was a nice Tench.

Turns out my 5mm soft pellet had actually been sucked up by this near twenty pound mirror carp! Needless to say my light match rod and fine rig were pushed to the very limit. But after a long and very careful fight lasting over fifteen minutes I actually landed this beauty!

I will say I was a little disappointed that after landing the fish I did find the beaked point of the hook had straightened a little during the fight!

We think Daniel has modestly omitted to mention his considerable skill to land this fish on such light gear…

For further details on the Silverfish Pellet hook to nylon pattern as used by Daniel, click here.