Daniel Woolcott Tench Brace 12lb 6oz & 10lb 2oz

Last year’s runner up Daniel Woolcott has hit the ground running this season with this impressive 12lb 6oz tench

Whilst fishing a southern stillwater Daniel spombed out hemp, casters and dead maggot to the edge of a plateaux at around 50 yards and fished a short 8lb fluorocarbon hooklength on a helicopter set up with a 40g cage feeder filled with maggots and plugged with groundbait with a double maggot hookbait on a size 12 Drennan Super Specialist hook. The tench is an extremely old fish and Daniel believes it hasn’t been out for three years. “What a great start to the season and I feel honoured to have had the chance to hold such an incredible creature.” He added.