Daniel Woolcott 15lb 15oz Bream

Following on from his first weekly award of the season for an 11lb 1oz tench, Dan has quickly bagged his second after he landed this stunning 15lb 15oz bream.

Big bream are famously one of the specimen fishing’s toughest challenges, but after a 15-year mission for one, Kent angler Daniel Woolcott reaped the rewards on the large 40-acre lake he was targeting. Fishing a spot at 60 yards in 11ft of water, he introduced a bed of Dynamite Baits Halibut boilies, hemp, halibut pellets, plus groundbait, worm castings, molasses, and some other attractants, and opted to fish a 15mm boilie hookbait over the top tipped with a semi-buoyant piece of fake corn. The winning rig was a helicopter setup, using a 3oz lead and g a simple hair rig, using fluorocarbon down and a size 8 hook.

Well done Dan!