Daniel Bouskila 3lb 5oz Grayling

Grayling sessions don’t come much better than the one Daniel Bouskila enjoyed towards the end of the season on the River Frome, where he landed a stunning brace of fish, weighing 3lb 5oz and 3lb 4oz.

In addition, he added specimens of 2lb 7oz and 2lb 2oz, all of which were caught on nymphing tactics, using a grub on a paternoster-style dropper above an SSG shot on the point.

He’d landed the 2lb 7oz fish in the morning before things slowed down, so he turned his attention to snaggy and treacherous areas he’d normally ignore. It wasn’t long before he hooked an ‘absolute unit’ of a grayling that he bullied away from the snags.

A savage fight followed, with the fish battling like a big chub for the roots. Eventually, he had it in the net – a truly massive fish, weighing 3lb 5oz. He was content enough with that fish, but as he headed back to where he started, he had a last cast and hooked another huge grayling, time weighing 3lb 4oz, leaving Dan in total shock.

Well done Daniel!