Dan Sales reveals the Method Feeder

Here’s a tactic which will catch lots of fish this Spring – the Method Feeder – this well constructed example being provided by Hertfordshire specimen angler Dan Sales.  We like how Dan has squeezed a nice tight ball of method mix around a Flatbed Method Feeder, liberally studded with free offerings (pellets & corn) – perfectly matching the hookbait consisting of a pellet balanced with a hi-vis piece of the new ESP Buoyant corn in pink.  This critically balanced hookbait is ready to fly into a fishes mouth the moment it starts to attack the method ball.  Dan has constructed his hooklength with a short piece of the new Drennan Gravel Braid, tied to what looks like an ESP T6 Raptor – a very strong dependable hook well suited to this type of fishing.

It obviously worked a treat for Dan as he bagged 12 Bream and 10 Roach on the day in question!  For full details on the new Gravel Braid, click here.