Dan Gale 3lb 2oz Roach

An adapted inline maggot feeder rig has accounted for the biggest roach of the season in the form of this 3lb 2oz beauty.

It fell to Hampshire-based specimen-ace Dan Gale from a tidal stretch of Dorset’s River Frome and was a fish that he described as being ‘at the top of the list of all catches he’s ever made.’

Speaking exclusively to Angling Times, the 35-year-old discussed his session and the catch of such a rare and special roach.

He said: “The bite came during a short evening trip whilst the tide was a couple of hours into the ebb.

“After a fruitless 30 minutes in one swim, I moved downstream into some deeper water and used a small bait dropper to deposit a couple of pinches of hempseed.

“I then cast my adapted inline maggot feeder with a short hooklink onto the spot and another just downstream of this into the middle channel.”

To help temp a specimen redfin to the net Dan threaded a fake maggot onto the shank of a size 14 barbed hook.

No live maggots were used on the hook to help deter from catching smaller roach.

“The bite came on the downstream rod after a couple of minutes and straight away I knew it was a special fish,” he added.

“It rolled mid-river early in the fight so I was under no illusion that I had hooked a monster.

“After a dogged scrap the roach finally came to the net and I was able to take in its true dimensions. “I’ve been fortunate enough to catch some special fish in the last couple of years, but I think a river three might just be top of the list.

“It is a new PB and one I do not envisage breaking anytime soon! I think this fish does put itself on a pedestal against the others I’ve caught.”