Dai Gribble’s 5lb 12oz eel

Dai Gribble’s pursuit of a new personal best eel came into fruition when a recent session yielded this fine 5lb 12oz example.

The two-time Drennan Cup champ had spent two trips targeting a Southern gravel pit in search of a monster and finally achieved his goal when the large leviathan picked up his maggot and worm cocktail hookbait.

Dai said: “I’d fish for tench during the day and knew that the live and dead maggots I’d fed would still be around for the eels in the evening.

“After dark I’d cast out my eel rigs and I’ve had all but one of my eels during darkness.

“Over the two trips I’ve managed eels of 4lb 7oz, 5lb 6oz, 5lb 7oz and the 5lb 12oz fish, not to mention lots of tench including a brace of 9lb 13oz fish topped by a 10lb 5oz specimen.”