Dai Gribble’s 11lb 2oz tench

Two-time Drennan Cup champion Dai Gribble has accumulated the greatest tench haul of the season with eight fish for nearly 80lb – topped by an 11lb 2oz specimen.

The Korum-backed ace banked tench of 9lb 6oz, 9lb 8oz, 9lb 10oz and three 9lb 13oz fish, not to mention doubles of 10lb 1oz and 11lb 2oz during a manic 24-hour session to remember.

Targeting two clear areas amongst weed at 44 yards and 57 yards on a southern pit, Dai fed nothing but the maggots and worms he used in his feeders.

“I just wanted to pick the tench up as they came along without the risk of overfeeding them,” he said.

“The tactic paid off and I had a string of really good bites culminating in my sixth ever 11 pounder.

“As soon as I hooked it I knew it was in a different league to the others I had caught.”

All of Dai’s fish fell to Korum inline maggot feeders alongside maggot and chopped worm hookbaits – with maggots superglued to a piece of rig foam proving to be the most successful tactic.