Crystal Dibber Popularity Is Clear!

Everyone seems to be talking about Crystal Dibbers as our latest innovative product captures imaginations!


Hot on the heels of some great publicity in both the Anglers Mail and the Angling Times, we’ve had an unprecedented number of orders from shops trying to get their hands on Crystal Dibbers. It’s easy to see why, as we manufacture these tiny pole floats in our very own factories using unrivalled blow-moulding techniques.

drennan-crystal-dibbers-comparisonThe advantages of a Crystal Dibber is clear – pun very much intended! A see-through plastic body is far less obtrusive in the water than the equivalent in painted balsa. That fact alone has to lead to more bites and, ultimately, more fish in the net. These floats don’t compromise on buoyancy, either, and their strength is exceptional. Even the side eye is almost impossible to pull out in normal use!

Even at this early stage we are getting catch reports back from delighted anglers. The fact that five times World Champion, Alan Scotthorne, has had three 200lb-plus match wins with a 0.2g Crystal Dibber has certainly caught people’s attention as well!

With sunshine and shallow-feeding fish well on the cards this weekend, it’s the perfect conditions for these great little floats. Whether it’s carp, F1s, chub or roach, we firmly believe these unique pole floats will help you to catch more fish!

To see what all the fuss is about, check out this week’s Anglers Mail and Angling Times.

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