Craig Colston 18lb 7oz Barbel

Some rivers hold one big fish that gets caught more often than it probably should, and that’s been the case on the Warwickshire Avon over recent seasons, where one very large barbel has hit the bank on multiple occasions..

But there are other very large fish in the venue, as Craig Colston proved with this 18lb 7oz specimen at the back end of the season, which isn’t the famous ‘biggun’.

The river had been carrying around 9ft of water prior to his session and had dropped by about 6ft the day before his trip. However, heavy rain that night meant it rose as he fished, creating conditions that can be excellent for barbel. Using a Spam hookbait, Craig landed four barbel, weighing 6lb, 8lb, 11lb 6oz, plus the specimen at 18lb 7oz.

Well done Craig!